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Handcrafted Dresses from Tigard, OR


Handcrafted Dresses from Tigard, OR

At tati & me we make colorful handcrafted dresses from Tigard, OR. One of my favorite childhood memories is of sitting next to my grandmother and watching her sew, knit, crochet or embroider. Every once in a while I would ask if I could stitch a seam or knit a row? Kindly she would always oblige. I know that is when I fell in love with color, patterns and all things beautiful. Fashion then became the most obvious context within which I could play with all these elements.

My love for children's wear was ignited at the birth of my first born daughter, Tatiana, whom we endearingly refer to as Tati. I made the very first children’s dress for her and through the years experimented with proportion, color mixes and details. It was with the birth of my youngest, Gabi, that the idea for the line emerged. The collective spirit and spunk of my girls (as well as that of my son, Alex!) inspired me to start a dress design company from the corner of the kitchen in 2011. Less than six months later, I set up the garage as a working studio among the gardening tools and bicycles that were tucked in the corner. The whole production was moved into a studio in 2014. My beautiful new space with high ceilings, plenty of natural light and room served as the perfect backdrop to dream and create.

The goal from the start was to create a cohesive collection of limited-edition dresses and pieces that displayed unexpected color combinations, playful pattern mixes, thoughtful detail, and excellent craftsmanship. The main inspiration behind the line remains to be the people I love, places I've lived and my personal philosophy on how children should be dressed, age-appropriately and joyfully with a touch of whimsy. I believe in quality versus quantity, transparency in production, made locally with a global vision. Tati & Me: Clothing for the Spirited Girl, is a labor of love. It has been fueled by passion, relentless pursuit and the encouragement of family, friends, and clients.

Every piece is designed individually, always starting with color and prints. I sketch in between to explore new silhouettes, details, proportions and visual balance. Accent patterns, trims, and ribbons are then added to bring the whole look together. Every dress is constructed in my studio with great attention to functionality, quality, and detail. You can rest assured that you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece that has not been made in a sweatshop. The handcrafted dresses can be washed, worn and loved over and over again, layered or as is. When the time comes they can be passed down or boxed away as souvenirs from childhood.

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